We have been stitching and decorating and sending pillowcases for so long!  It is the one thing that many of those that we adopt call their favorite part of our packages.  Something to remind them every night that those of us here at home remember them and honor their service to our country.  In addition to sending pillowcases for our monthly adopted deployed units we send pillowcases to our adopted field hospitals across Afghanistan.

  Email us at westitchlove@mollysadoptasailor.com and we will link you to one of our sewing teams!  Not a seamstress??  Well then maybe you would consider buying plain colored pillowcases and decorating them with paint!  How about reverse tie dyeing with bleach!  Or get in touch with your wild side and tie dye a batch!!  Or iron on a design...  let your imagination run go wild!!

Each pillowcase is treasured by the recipient!  On a ship at sea the only private space a sailor or marine has is their rack...  what better place for them to be reminded of home and of those very people they are sacrificing so much for. 

Thanks to all of our "We Stitch Love" volunteers. We simply could not do this without each and every one of you.


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