Deployed  Military  Personnel-Request  Support  HERE
If you are a deployed Military Member and would like to request support for you and your team,  please fill out the following information and we will get back to you within 48 hours with additional information!
Thank you for all you do!

Before you agree to submit this form, please understand that we do this to help not only you, but your team, and others, as well.  Please make sure you also think about those that are not getting mail first.  Help us make sure that ALL Military Personnel are getting the needed support. 
Please know, it is up to your discretion to keep anything deemed necessary for you, and also check the packages for any contraband. Distribute the contents with your team, as you see fit, after all, you were the one who signed up to help your troops. 
We thank you for choosing Molly's Adopt A Sailor to help where we can and our members are forever grateful to each and every one of you who choose to wear the US Military Uniform.  Please Note: You are not allowed to sell anything that you may get from this effort.  

Security Code: *  
Service Branch: *
Rank/Rate: *
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Address: *
State Code: *
Zip Code: *
Country: *
Where is your unit from:
Select the location that your unit is from, or where most of you are from.
Male Contacts: *  Approximate number of males
Female Contacts: *  Approximate number of females

Click on the button below and tell us when you are expected to leave.  We know it's a moving target, but we want to make sure the support stops at the appropriate time. 
End Date: *

 Your primary email must be your .mil email address. 
Primary Email: *
Alternate Name: *
Alternate Email: *

Please note, this is what people will see.  Please be specific, we want to help make this deployment manageable and increase the morale of your troops.
*Living Conditions/Special Requests
*Electricity (What is it?)
*Living Arrangements-(Tents, CHU's, Buildings)
*Food (Requests? Do you have microwave/fridge/freezer access)
*Who are you representing and requesting for?
***What do your female counterparts need.*** 
*Tell us what you want, we need to  know.  We want to help and we want our team to get the right items to you and your team!
*If you can give us a little background information about where you and your troops are from,  our members from those areas, can send even a closer piece of home, your way.  

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