Where in the World has Molly's Adopt a Sailor been?
We have traveled the world with our adoptees!
We have reached 30,357
Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airman and Coasties
with monthly adoptions so far!

Moms from all over the United States are packing boxes!  Join us!

From ships at sea to boots on the ground we thank our military members for allowing us to be part of their lives.

 Past Adoptees

April 2018 National Guard (36) Kandahar, Afghanistan

March 2018 USS Theodore Roosevelt (111)

February 2018  Army in Iraq (47)

January 2018  USS Theodore Roosevelt (249)

December 2017  USS Monterey (50)

November 2017  USS Theodore Roosevelt (200)

October 2017  (2) Seabee Groups - Africa (29)

September 2017  USS Lake Erie (354)

August 2017  Navy USS Nimitz 2 Groups (57)

July 2017  Navy USS Hopper (325)

June 2017  Marines USS Bataan (89)

May 2017  Navy 2 Groups USS Carter Hall (58)

April 2017  Navy USS Cole (38)

March 2017  Navy USS Lake Champlain (33)

February 2017  Air Force in Africa  (24)

January 2017  Navy USS Mahan (60)

December 2016  Army Al Asad in Iraq (36)

November 2016  Navy USS Makin Island & Medical unit in Yemen (70 & 19)

October 2016  Marines in Romania (30)

September 2016  USS Dwight D Eisenhower Flight Deck (30)

August 2016  USS San Jacinto (CG-56) Guided Missile Cruiser (187)
July 2016  US Coast Guard Seattle WA (180)

June 2016  Security Detail and Missile Defense Romania (30)

May 2016  USS John C. Stennis (91)

April 2016  USS Gonzalez DDG-66 (306)

March 2016  Air Force in Qatar (80)

February 2016  USS Arlington (52)

January 2016  USS Russell Arabian Gulf (60)

December 2015 USS Kearsarge (84)

November 2015  Marines Air-Ground Task Force (230)

October 2015 Army Unit in Kuwait (123)

September 2015 USS Essex LHD2 (60)

August 2015 USS Theodore Roosevelt (45)

July 2015 All Female Unit (30) USS Theodore Roosevelt

June 2015 Carrier Air Wing One USS Theodore Roosevelt (225)

May 2015 DPO Sailors, Soldiers, AF and Marines in Middle East (170)

April 2015 All over - Many small unit and individual requests fulfilled from the website (136)

March 2015 USS Ft McHenry Arabia Gulf (350)

February 2015 USS Carl Vinson VFA81 (200)

January 2015 USS Dewey DDG105 Iraq & Syria (300)

December 2014 USS Makin Island Navy and Marine Medics (70)

November 2014 Air Force Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (103)

October 2014 Guantanamo Bay (All Branches) (100+)

September 2014 USS O'Kane (250)

August 2014 USS Bush INTEL/OZ Unit (75)

July 2014 USS Bush ENG/DC Unit (242)

June 2014 USS Wayne E. Meyer (290)

May 2014 USS Bush Supply Group (41)

April 2014 USS Truxtun (290)

March 2014 AOB Airborne, Afghanistan (86)

February 2014 USS Mason (325)

January 2014 Djibouti, Africa (120)

December 2013 VAQ-130 The "Zappers" on board the USS Harry S. Truman (146)

November 2013 USS Rentz (243)

October 2013 USS Shoup - (300)

September 2013 USS Preble at sea with 310 asking for Hometown celebration. 

August 2013 VAW117 Wallbangers squadron (156) aboard the Nimitz. 

July 2013 USS Stockdale at sea with 304 asking for snacks and games.

June 2013 USS Momsen at sea.  Was 3rd deployment in three years for the 280 aboard. 

May 2013 USS William Lawrence at sea. 

April 2013 Medical Staff at Shuk (40) and CRCC (75) (Special Hugs Staff).

March 2013 Marines (87) in Afghanistan. 

February 2013 Coast Guard Unit (28) at sea, Army unit (48) in Afghanistan, Navy unit (15) in Afghanistan. 

January 2013 USS Gonzales with 270 at sea.

December 2012 Air Force Unit in Afghanistan. 

November 2012 USS Blue Ridge in Japan.  625 Sailors aboard.

October 2012 USS Forrest Sherman at sea.  284 sailors aboard.

September 2012 Coast Guard unit in Afghanistan and Navy unit in Djibouti. 

August 2012 USS Iwo Jima requested personal care kits and snacks for their 625 junior enlisted sailors. 

July 2012  A unit of 141
Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen at Camp Brown, Afghanistan. 

June 2012
 Yellow and Blue BBQ for 187 on flight deck of USS George Washington. 

May 2012 Black Sea Rotational Task Force - Marines. 

April 2012
Thundering Third Marines and Geronimo Army, both in Afghanistan.

March 2012
USS Cape St.George 356 aboard.

January/February 2012 USS Makin Island (LHD8) with 2370 aboard. Our largest monthly adoption to date. Makin Island families and children from across the country decorated paper lunch bags that were filled with snacks and toys for each service member aboard. 

December 2011 Molly Mom's own deployed children. If child was in America, then we had a sand, or a sea group to choose from. As a thank-you to the supporters of MAS this was the first time we ever adopted our own deployed children.

November 2011 VQ1 World Watchers in Qatar.

October 2011  USS Ingraham we sent a special package for each sailor aboard!!  Along with those packages are pillowcases fro the We Stitch Love Molly Moms!

September 2011 USS Chung Hoon was treated to a Monster Mash!  Treat bags and pillowcases for each sailor aboard!!

August 2011 VAQ 141 Shadowhawks aboard the USS Bush.  Sent Red/White/Blue picnic to them in honor of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 as well as pillowcases for each sailor!

July 2011  USS Alabama a SUBMARINE!!  First time for a us to be able to support the silent service!!

June 2011 NMCB 74 DET 11 Seabees in Djibouti, Africa.  We sent the holidays that they had missed:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Pig Day, St. Patricks Day, Easter, and a birthday package for each Seabee.

May 2011  Uss Higgins at sea.  Sent all the needs for a Steel Beach party including a beach towel, toiletry kit and pillowcase for each sailor!

April 2011 USS George Washington.  Sent cards and letters to them to let them know how much they are appreciated..

March 2011 HMH 465 Det A Marines in Afghanistan.  Sent a baseball theme to them.  Every MLB team sent something (posters, bobbleheads, stickers, baseballs, etc)

February 2011 
USS KEARSAGE at sea with sailors and marines on board.  They just opened a 'Holy Joe's Cafe' on board.  We stocked the cafe with games, snacks, drinks, and pillowcases.

January 2011
HSM-77 Saberhawks Helo squadron at sea on five different ships.  They asked for water bottles...  those were sent along with a Mardi Gras party, snacks and pillowcases.

November 2010 USS Cape St George at sea.  We sent snacks, red bulls for every sailor, toiletries, and pillowcases.  The University of Oregon sent Duck t-shirts for the crew to celebrate the National Championship football game. 

September 2010 VMFA 252 in Afghanistan.  Asked for uplifting books and movies, blankets and cards to write home.  Our trademark pillowcases were also sent!

August 2010 HS 7 Helo Dusty Dogs Squadron aboard the USS Harry Truman.  Requested cleaning supplies!  Every mothers dream!  Along with those supplies we sent pillowcases, many snacks and games.      

July 2010 Back to our orginal EOD unit in Afghanistan.  They received movies, magazines, snacks, cigars, and pillowcases!

May 2010
NMCB Five Seabees in Afghanistan.  We sent a celebration from all 50 states.  Each mom sent a box representing their home state...  snacks, toys and more!

April 2010 
HMH 466 Marine Helicopter Squadron in Afghanistan.  Requested snacks, books, baked beans and air freshners.  Like their sense of humor.

March 2010
Island of Diego Garcia.  Sent  'Read across America' boxes...  filled with books for a library and magazines and movies.  They also received pillowcases and beach toys.

March 2010
USS Cleveland at sea.  Sent Navy PT shirts, pillowcases, red bull energy drinks.  They had been without clean laundry for a couple of weeks when our boxes arrived.  So clean tshirts and pillowcases were like gold!

February 2010
Air Force Fireman Reserve Unit in Afghanistan.  They requested cards and letters.  Of course we sent snacks and pillowcases and toys along with many cards and letters!

February 2010 
USS Carl Vinson and 22 ships assisting in earthquake disaster relief in Haiti.  Thank you cards and letters- goal of 5,000 was well passed.

January 2010
Medic Unit in Afghanistan.  Sent Valentines, DVD's, books and pillowcases.

November/December 2009
NMCB 74 Seabees in Afghanistan.  Sent a s'mores and more party!  Seabee embroidered stockings and stuffers for each and all the makings for s'mores for a holiday bonfire!

October 2009
Medic Unit in Kuwait.  Requested cards and toiletries.  One of the best pictures was the gal with the box of tampons!  They put the cards from kids up on the walls of the clinic.  Traded pillowcases for days!

September 2009
USS Frank Cable out of Guam... missing home...  sent Football party!  Pillowcases, hats, shirts for each sailors favortie team!  And snacks, sports magazines and more.

August 2009
USS Crommelin at sea.  Received a Luau for their Steel Beach Party.  Special t shirts were printed for the crew.  One box was sent for each sailor and many more with grass skirts, palm trees and flower leis.

July 2009 
EOD unit in Iraq.  Sent toiletries, cards, DVD's, PT clothes and pillowcases. 

June 2009
NMCB 5 Seabees in Afghanistan.  Sent boot insoles, safety glasses and ear plugs along with a big Fourth of July party!  Postcards, newspapers, special foods and sports team memorabilia from each state were a big hit!

April 2009
Canine Unit in Djibouti.  Sent snacks and toys for the sailors and the dogs.  Sent cooling scarves for sailors and cooling mats for dogs.

March 2009
Small unit in Kuwait.  Requested snacks and coffee.  Of course we added our special mom touch with cards and pillowcases.

February 2009
VAQ 142 Prowler squadron in Afghanistan.  We sent over 100 DVD's and snacks.

January 2009
Small unit in Afghanistan.  Received snacks, hand warmers, magazines, air freshners.

November /December 2008
USS Rodney M Davis at sea.  Asked for letters and calling cards.  Received enough for everyone aboard to have more than one.

October 2008
Small unit in Kuwait.  Asked for toiletries for women and DVD's. 

September 2008
Group of MA's in Kuwait.  Requested sports equipment and healthy snacks.

August 2008
NMCB 3 Seabees in Iraq.  Needed toiletries and DVD's.  Loved the soaps and wipes!

July 2008 5 EOD men in Iraq.  Asked for letters, DVD's, magazines and snacks.

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