Current list of adoptees requesting support from home

A card, letter or care package from home can make all the difference in the world to someone who is deployed so very far away from home. 
Please see our current list of those that have requested support from Molly's Adopt A Sailor members. 

To adopt one of the following deployed units, send us a message and include the contact name in the subject line.


Don't worry if you can only send support to part of the group listed above...every item sent is shared with the group....  and your packages combined with others that will be sent will shower the units with the love and attention they deserve! 

June, 2017         Air Force         Ryan Willis          Niger 34
June, 2017 Navy Robert Gilbert At Sea 26
July, 2017 Navy Minh Le At Sea 3
July, 2017 Navy Mike Gibbons At Sea 1
July, 2017 Navy Matthew Meade At Sea 1
July, 2017 Navy Brianna Wynkoop At Sea 37
August, 2017           Navy Cyesha Odom At Sea 4      
August, 2017
Katie Fromer
At Sea
November, 2017
Joshua Lee

December, 2017


Patrick Brooks


December, 2017 Army Amyan Noah Iraq 1


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