Molly's Adopt a Sailor Project, a broad based, collaborative and community initiative to support deployed United States Military Personnel by way of cards, letters, and care packages filled with love, support, and necessities from home.

Our Beginning

Molly's Adopt A Sailors humble beginnings started on the website, www.navyformoms.com.  The group was created simply to adopt a group of deployed Military Personnel, because we weren't able to send care packages to our sailors that had left for boot camp.  As we became more indoctrinated into all things Military, we learned, not all of our Troops were receiving the love and support from home that they so richly deserved.  This group decided to make it their mission to change that.  As we went further down the path, we discussed the idea of an official 501C3.  Discuss. Pray. Act. We acted on the idea and in a record 11 days, Molly's Adopt A Sailor became a certified 501C3. 

Molly's Story

In March of 2008 when Molly's Son graduated from Navy Boot Camp in Great Lakes, IL, he told her that there were guys at Boot Camp that never received any mail, the entire time they were there.  She went back to her hometown and ironically, a co-worker had a nephew leaving for Navy Boot Camp and she asked if it was o.k. to write to him.  She asked that recruit to pass on letters to recruits not getting any mail.  The next thing she knew she had three recruits writing to her.   She continued to write and she asked those recruits to pass her information on to other recruits.  

She requested help from some of her Navy Mom friends to help with writing letters of encouragement and support.  As they were writing to the recruits, they started to think about those sailors that were deployed far from home.  The group decided, they could adopt deployed sailors and send them cards and letters of encouragement.   June 2008, the very first project, instead of sending birthday cards to Molly we adopted our first group of five EOD soldiers.  No better birthday present than to help our troops.  

Time has gone by and more Moms joined and we've grown to hundreds of Navy Moms and loved ones and fans on face book representing every state in our wonderful union.   We started our website,  a twitter account and facebook.   We have been able to greet some of our adoptees upon their return.  We grow daily. 

We have received our 501C3 status, so we are a tax deductible organization and become a  Oregon State Combined Financial Charity (#454411) 

Stay tuned, we are not done yet!  Molly's Adopt A Sailor will be here as long as there are troops to support!

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